Network Optix Meta Integration


Minimal hardware Requirements Dual core Intel i5 quad core 10th gen equivalant or higher X86_64 CPU with at least 4GB of RAM
OS Requirements Ubuntu Linux LTS version 18.04 or 20.04 Software Requirements Scailable AI Manager 3.26+ [X86_64] Nx Meta Client 5.1 [Any architecture] Nx Meta Server 5.1 [X86_64]

Performance recommendations

Note: The recommendations below are based on the assumption that the computer being used is dedicated to the Nx Meta Server application with the default settings and one Scailable Nx Ai Plugin and is not used to run additional applications concurrently as this may impact the performance and stability of your System.
For example, a system with one camera, no saved layouts, few rules, and a single user on the minimal required hardware will work just fine. A System with multiple models, many cameras per server, dozens or hundreds of layouts, numerous rules, and hundreds of concurrently connected users would require much more substantial hardware.

AI input resolution and secondary stream recommendation

The AI detection models in the Detection plugin and the Security plugin have a maximum input resolution of 512x512. That is the resolution the models were trained in and is sufficient for accurate detections.
It is recommended to enable the plugin for a camera secondary stream with a resolution of 512x512 or slightly higher, e.g. 720p, and a minimum frame rate of 6 frames per second (FPS). Please refer to the documentation of your camera to configure the camera secondary stream accordingly.
While it is possible to enable the Scailable AI plugin for a camera primary stream, that is not recommended. Running the plugin on a primary stream will require the Nx server to decode the high resolution stream and scale it down. This primary stream decoding and scaling imposes a high load on the CPU and will significantly increase memory consumption. Running AI plugins on the primary stream will not improve the accuracy of the AI detections and will reduce the number of AI detections per second on your Nx server.

AI detections per second

For accurate AI detection in security or surveillance use cases, a minimum of 6 detections per second is typically sufficient. By default, the Scailable AI plugin will perform as many detections per second as possible. The actual number of detections per second is limited by the number of frames per second in the video stream and the AI processing power of the device it is running on.
On a Intel i5 12th gen device with the 8GB of memory, using 720p resolution secondary camera streams, following performance can be expected:
Single 720p RTSP H264 secondary stream at 24 fps stream performance with Detection plugin:
  • Up to to 23.2 FPS for the large people detection model.
Four 720p RTSP H264 secondary streams at 24 fps stream performance with Detection plugin:
  • Up to to 9.0 FPS per stream for the large people detection model
Multi model performance with Security plugin, using 720p secondary streams at 6 FPS:
  • Up to 7 streams for Intruder/object detection (6 FPS per stream)
  • Up to 3 streams for Loitering detection (6 FPS per stream)
  • Up to 3 streams for Left behind object detection (6 FPS per stream)
These numbers can serve as a reference point for estimating the system's performance, but keep in mind that the actual performance may vary based on specific configurations, hardware variations, and other factors.

Hardware recommendations

When AI is enabled on one or multiple cameras of an Nx server, the CPU/GPU load and memory consumption of that server will increase. This is because the Nx server needs to decode the camera streams for which AI is enabled, and the Scailable plugin requires resources to perform the AI inference.
The following recommendations are based on the assumption that the device is dedicated to Nx with Scailable with default settings, and the AI plugin is enabled on 720p secondary camera streams.

Memory requirement

It is recommended to add 512 MB in RAM capacity per stream for which the AI plugin is enabled

CPU/GPU requirement

Up to 6 cameras with AI detection: Intel i5 10th gen or AMD Ryzen 5 3000 Quad-Core with onboard GPU or better
Up to 12 cameras with AI detection: Intel i7 12th gen or AMD Ryzen 7 3000 Quad-Core with onboard GPU or better

Other hardware

For other hardware architectures such as ARM, Nvidia Jetson Orin, Hailo, etc, please contact [email protected]

Get started with Network Optix and Scailable

To get started with Nx and Scailable, follow the steps outlined below:

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