1. Install Network Optix

Getting Started with Network Optix

Create a Network Optix (Nx) account

Sign up for a Free account at the Nx Meta Dev Portal.
* If you have an existing cloud account for a Powered-by-Nx solution you can login with your existing cloud credentials.

Download and install a Nx Meta client

A basic Nx Meta platform consists of one or more Nx Meta servers that are administered through an Nx Meta Meta client. To get started with Nx and Scailable, we advise to first install a client on your favorite desktop enviroment.
If the computer you want to run the client fits the above requirements, you can download and install a Nx Meta client by following the steps below:
  • Download a Nx Meta client by going to this page, then continue with the next step.
  • A suggested operating system will automatically appear.
  • Select your target OS if you want to install the client on a different OS then the autoselected one.
  • Download the client package most relevant to you.
  • Run the installer, and follow the install process.

Download and install Nx Meta server on an Ubuntu server

If your Ubuntu device conform to our requirements, download and setup your first Nx Meta X64 Ubuntu server by following the steps below:
  • From a terminal or console window, run the following commands to make sure all dependent packages are installed:
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt upgrade -y
    sudo apt-get install -y libgomp1 gdebi wget
  • Download the x64 Ubuntu Nx Meta server installer (metavms-server-x.x.x.x-linux_x64.deb).
    wget https://beta.networkoptix.com/beta-builds/metavms/37512/linux/metavms-server-
  • Go to the directory where you downloaded the Nx Meta server package, and install it:
    sudo apt install -y ./metavms-server-
  • Next, set up the server by using a browser and open the webpage at port :7001 for instance at https://localhost:7001/ or https://x.x.x.x:7001/ . The webpage will have two buttons. Click the button "Setup New System", enter a System Name, click next. Choose a password. Click next again.
  • Your Nx Meta server can now be added to your Nx Meta client.

Connect to your Nx Meta server with your Nx Meta client

Now that you have a Nx Meta server running, go to the desktop machine where you installed your Nx Meta client and use the launcher icon to start the client.
When the client application has started up, you can either add the Meta Server installed at the previous step by clicking on "Connect to Server" rectangular button. Or your server has already been discovered, and you can click on rectangular button with the detected server.
In the either case, enter the ip address, admin name (default "admin") and the password you set for the admin user and click next.
Your Nx Meta server and Nx Meta client are now connected

Registering an Nx Meta server through the Nx Meta client

Next, register the server by going to System Administration:
.. and then to licenses:
Here, you can add your trial or full license.