6. Install the Scailable AI Security Plugin

Currently, you can only install one Scailable NX Plugin at a time. The one line installs will take care of removing alternative pre-existing plugins.

Security Plugin Installation

When loitering detection is enabled, all detections except 'Loiter' will be hidden!
We provide a preconfigured security plugin available for install. This plugin makes it significantly easier to get up and running with minimal configuration.
The plugin comes preconfigured with a few functions:
  • Illegal Dumping Detection: A method to detect if an object gets left behind in the frame, such as a backpack or suitcase. See Illegal Dumping Detection .
  • People Detection: A method to detect people in the frame and can report bounding boxes.
  • Loitering Detection: A method to detect if the same person remains within the frame for an extended period of time. See Loitering Detection . The Security Plugin will automatically configure the Feature Extraction settings to work with loitering detection. When this function is enabled the people detection model will automatically be enabled to detect 'people' bounding boxes, extract these images from the larger image, then send them back to the Scailable Runtime to the assigned ReID model. This model outputs unique identifiers which can be used to uniquely identify people even if they leave the frame and return.
This plugin can be installed with:
sudo bash -ic "$(wget -q -O - https://get.sclbl.net/nx_security)"
This will download and execute an interactive script. The script will attempt to detect as much of the environment as possible, and will prompt the user on what it should do.
  • Would you like to install the Scailable Edge AI Manager on this device? (y/n)? If the install script detects that the Scailable Edge AI Manager is not installed in the default location, it will prompt if it should install it. If yes, the script will execute the default installation script for the Scailable Edge AI Manager before continuing.
  • Would you like to configure Edge AI Manager to integrate with Network Optix plugin? (y/n)? It is highly recommended to reply yes to this option. This will ensure that the Scailable Edge AI Manager is properly configured to work with the NX Security plugin.
  • Would you like to attempt to restart server to load plugin? (y/n)? If yes, the Network Optix server will be restarted. This is a necessary step to load the plugin. Otherwise, the Network Optix can be restarted later through its web interface.
If all goes well, the plugin should now be installed. Head over to Camera Settings in NX Client to see if the plugin is detected by the NX server:
If we provided an API key for installation, it can be used by passing 'api-key=<provided-api-key>' along with the install script above. If the API key was given during install, the Scailable Edge AI Manager will be automatically registered, and will prompt if it should start running after install. The below steps can then be skipped.
After installation, the Scailable Edge AI Manager will need to be registered. See Registration. Since the Edge AI Manager has been configured by the installation script, the Model, Input, and Output configuration steps can be skipped. If configured correctly, the model should start running after registration is complete, if it does not you can continue with Running the model. After this, setup should be completed. You can now head over to the NX Client and enable the Scailable AI plugin.