Advantech ICR-4xxx series

Device setup and documentation

You can find documentation regarding the Advantech ICR-4xxx devices here. However, we recommend you purchase the Smartflex via one of our resellers who will a) ship the device with the AI manager pre-installed, and b) will be able to setup the device for you.

Installation of the AI manager on this device

You can easily install the AI manager on ICR-4xxx cellular routers by downloading the AI manager as a router app. After downloading the .tar.gz module follow the following steps:
To install the AI manager, login to your Advantech device following the device manufacturers manual. You will end up at the device configuration as displayed in the image below. Scroll down until you see the "User Modules" section in the left column:
Click the "User Modules" button in the left column. Subsequently, click "Choose File", select the .tar.gz module you have just downloaded, and click "Add or Update". After clicking the "Add or Update" button the AI Manager will list under "Scailable" in your list of Available user modules.
Click "Scailable" to move to access the AI manager.

Constraints on this device

There are no special constraints on this machine that hinder edge AI solutions. Feel free to use any library model you are interested in on up to 4 camera's simultaneously.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips to make live (or well, the creation and management of edge AI solutions) easier on the ICR-4xxx series:
  • The ICR-4xxx is available with Power over Ethernet. This means that up to 4 ip cameras can be connected to the ICR-4 using simple UTP cables which provide suitable cameras with their power. This means your applicaiton will have very low technical complexity: you will only need an ICR-4xxx, a power supply, and 1-4 suitable cameras to create a fully stand-alone edge AI solution. Pretty cool.
  • Make sure the date and time of the device are set correctly. Preferably, using the device's NTP service option.

Purchasing devices

Please consult our purchasing options for your region to purchase a desired device with the Scailable AI manager pre-installed. For questions do feel free to reach out to our team anytime using our chat.