Advantech UNO series

Device setup and documentation

The Advantech UNO series provide a versatile range of embedded automation computers. The Scailabel AI manager runs effortlessly on many of the Advantech UNO devices such that edge deployment of AI models to these devices becomes effortless.
Find the manufacturers device information (and an overview of the various devices in this range) here.

Installation of the AI manager on this device

You can easily install the AI manager on any of the Advantech UNO devices using our simple one-line install.
Login to the Edge device and open a shell. Next, type the following command:
sudo bash -ic "$(wget -q -O -"
This will install the Scailable AI manager on the device. Note that the installation will automatically detect the presence of NVIDIA accelerator hardware and will install all the neccesary drivers. Thus, there is no need to pre-install any of the cuda-drivers or otherwise.
After the installation script has ran you will see the following message:
At this point you can access the AI manager at one of the ports listed and configure your solution.

Purchasing devices

Please consult our purchasing options for your region to purchase a desired device with the Scailable AI manager pre-installed. For questions do feel free to reach out to our team anytime using our chat.