Our Scailable one-line install will work on both Jetpack 4 and Jetpack 5 (and hence will allow you to move effortlessly from older generation NVIDIA edge GPUs to NVIDIA ORIN). We will auto-detect versioning and act accordingly.

Installing the Scailable middleware

You can easily install the Scailable AI Manager with Nvidia Orin accelerator support through our standard convenient one-line installation process. Simply SSH into the device and run the following command:
sudo bash -ic "$(wget -q -O - https://get.sclbl.net)"
During the installation process, JetPack 5 will be automatically detected. You will be promted to enable JetPack 5 support during the installation. Upon answering y, the Scailable AI Manager will be downloaded and installed with support for JetPack 5:

Accessing the AI manager on the device

After the installation completes you are able to simply browse to the Administrative UI of the AI manager installed on the device by entering one of the IP addresses of the device directly into your browser followed by port :8081. The URLs are conveniently displayed:
After a simple registration process of your device (as simple step-by-step process, see here), you can now configure your AI pipelines and models.
Last modified 3mo ago