When configuring the AI manager on an edge device the following network access needs to be available:
  • You should be able to login to the device itself. Hence, you should be able to navigate to the device (this might be your localhost) and navigate to port :8081 (http://) or :8443 (https://) such that you can see the AI manager UI (see image below).
  • The edge device itself should, at configuration time, have access to the internet. It needs to have an open internet connection such that the configuration files and models can be downloaded from the Scailable platform.
Once you have logged into the device and navigated to the correct port (8081 or 8433) and the device has proper internet access, you will see the AI manager and you should find the "Connection Successful" status.
After configuration the edge AI device can be decoupled from the internet to run in a local network. This obviously only works if the both the cameras and the desired data output location are also available within the same local network.

Troubleshooting network issues

Here are a tips for potential troubleshooting:
  • If you are unsure whether your edge device is accessible in your (local) network, you can easily use device scanning tools. You can find examples here.
  • If you are unsure whether your edge device has a network connection and the appropriate DNS is resolved, make sure to ping from the edge device. This should work, if not the AI manager will not be able to find the Scailable platform and you should fix this networking issue first. It has nothing to do with Scailable.