Edge AI Manager Socket Input

This page describes the format to be used when sending input tensors to the IO Module over socket.
By default, the input driver for the AI Manager is set to "VIDEO", which means the AI Manager will fetch its inputs from the configured camera(s). This setting, however, can be changed in the InputDriver setting to "SOCKET". When this is done, the AI Manager will wait for input from its input socket, and perform inference on it once received. The socket path to send the tensors to is controlled by the ModuleSocketName setting.
Sending messages to the Edge AI Manager over socket while the InputDriver is not set to "SOCKET" will result in the input message being ignored.

Input Message Format

To send a tensor via socket to the Edge AI Manager, a JSON formatted message with a specific structure is expected. Find an example below:
messageType : "SocketInput" InputTensor : <Tensor Information> (See Edge AI Manager JSON Tensor Format) Passthrough : <Passthrough Information>
The socket input allows for a passthrough object to be sent. This object will be added to the output tensor without being altered. This is a method for matching output to input by using IDs or timestamps etc.