Running the model

At this point you should be done with all the configuration and confident about the selected model, the generated output, and the configured inputs. This is the time to truly deploy your model by setting it to run on the edge device.
The screen below shows the user feadback you should receive before clicking the "Run model" button.
Take care to inspect all the status symbols: all of these should be blue to indicate that everything is ready to go. If any of these symbols is not blue, please check the status and notifications page for potential trouble shooting.

Here we go...

You can now click "Run model" and the model will start running according to your configuration. You will receive feedback that the model is running (see the cogs), and all the status buttons will turn green.
At this point your application platform will receive data. You have successfully deployed an AI model to the edge!
If you want to learn more about viewing the collected data in the Scailable platform please see our data inspection page in the platform documentation.