Status and notifications

Here we describe a number of status updates and notifications that the AI manager might give and detail ways of mitigating any of the issues.

Status updates in the UI

The status buttons in the UI are important to assess the overall health of the AI manager running on the device. When no model is running, and when you intend to configure the device, it should look like this:
We discuss each in turn:
  • The Scailable API button highlights whether the device has an intenet connection and can ping the Scailable platform. If not, check your connectivity.
  • The Module button highlights whether the module is running. If not, you can manually start it from the advanced settings.
  • The Deamon buttons highlights whether the deamon is running. If not, you can manually start it from the advanced settings.
The next status buttons show up only after configuring the input and output:
  • The number of cameras shows the number of configured cameras. Go to the input tab to make changes.
  • The output distributor and output location provide feedback regarding the output settings. Go to the output tab to make changes.
Note that when a model is running, a number of these status buttons should change to green:


Here we list a number of common notifications.

Notifications when setting up the camera

When configuring your camera you might see the following image.
In this case the provided URL / input type combination does not allow the AI manager to retrieve a preview images and likely you will have to sort out your camera.

Notifications when testing your setup

In the test tab you might encounter several notifications. For example:
Indicates that there are problems retrieving the input; most often one of the cameras is not properly configured.
During a test you might also receive contextual feedback:
Please read the error messages (we try to make the informative). If you have any questions reach out to our support using our chat.