Data inspection

The Scailable platform allows you to inspect the data coming from your edge devices (as long as the output settings on your edge device dictate logging of the output data to the Scailable platform.
There are various ways of accessing the data logged from a device:
  • Follow the link to the Scailable platform from your AI manager after setting the model to run.
  • Find the device in your list of devices on the DEVICE tab, and follow the link from there.
The overview page of your devices should look something like this and you should be able to easily find your own device to access its data.
After navigating to an individual device you will see the currently assigned model and a link to view the data from that model.
The view data link will bring you to a page that has the associated data from this device as a downloadable CSV or ZIP file.
If you are using a library model, you can look up the models specifications and documentation within the model library. If you have uploaded your own model the resulting data is simply the raw output from your model as specified in ONNX.