As stated in the introduction, the Scailable platform allows you to "manage all the AI models that are available to you. Thus, you can see which AI models you can access, for which devices, and you can manage the version(s) of your user generated models." This functionality is combined in the "Models" and "Create" tabs.

The models tab

The models tab lists all the (user-generated) models that are available to you. Any model that you upload will surface here, and you will be able to see the model documentation and versioning.
We currently support two types of models:
Currently our library models are only available from the AI manager directly. Learn how to use our library models here.
We are currently actively working on expanding our libraries and our model collections. For licensed platform users a (much( larger set of models is available through our APIs.

The create tab

The create tab in the platform allows you to upload user-generated models to our platform. A simple walk-through of model uploading is peresented here. More details for data scientist can be found here.