Advantech ICAM-500

Device setup and documentation

"The Advantech ICAM-500 series is a highly integrated Industrial AI Camera that reduces installation and maintenance effort significantly, equipped with programmable variable focus lenses, LED illumination, SONY industrial grade image sensor, multiple core ARM processors, and NVIDIA AI system on module."
The Scailabe AI manager installed in the ICAM turns this device into a plug-and-play edge AI device for industrial applications.

Installation of the AI manager on this device

You can easily install the AI manager on the ICAM-500 using our simple one-line install. Login to the camera and open a shell. Next, type the following command:
sudo bash -c "$(wget -q -O -"
This will install the Scailable AI manager on the device.
After the installation script has ran you will see the following message:
At this point you can access the AI manager at one of the ports listed and configure your solution.
The one-line install is useful for installing the AI manager when purchasing an ICAM without the AI manager installed. However, we would recommend buying the ICAM with the AI manager installed from one of our resellers.

Constraints on this device

The ICAM obviously is constrained to using a single camera input: namely, the device's own camera. The jetson Nano inside the device is quite performant and should allow you to run relatively advanced classification and segmentation models. The ICAM is also a good target for our library OCR, QR-code, and bar-code reader models.

Tips & Tricks

For product quality inspection the FOMO model by Edge Impulse provides a great starting point on this device.
Edge AI in minutes on the ICAM-500; start to end.

Purchasing devices

Please consult our purchasing options for your region to purchase a desired device with the Scailable AI manager pre-installed. For questions do feel free to reach out to our team anytime using our chat.